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Entered 2015 with high hopes of Half Iron duathlons in May and November. In April I got food poisoning and was hospitalized for 4 days. May duathlon was out the window.  I never really fully recovered and had sinus infection after sinus infection. In October I got shingles. I did, however, manage to run the November Half Iron du. Here is my race report:

Race report. Read it and weep. Or laugh. Your choice.

Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. I ran the first mile of the duathlon and near the end it began to rain. I mean deluge. I missed a sign and overran the transition entry. Ran about 50 yards too far. Then I put on my bike helmet and headed out to bike exit and realized I forgot to change my shoes. I blame that on not racing too much this season. I had my transition set up at my back wheel and it should have been by my front wheel. Then heading out to bike. There were a lot of tree roots they covered up with mats. I couldn’t see the roots and tripped an fell over one. Didn’t get hurt. Out to bike. At mile 19 I got a flat. Couldn’t get air into the new tube. Tried 5 CO2 cartridges. Started walking and about half a mile down the road was a cop that called sag for me. Had to wait for them. It took 50 minutes to fix. I planned on stopping at the aid station on my third pass. I passed the second time and continued on to take my second lap and was stopped. I missed the cut off for lap 2 by 10 minutes. I got DQed. But I was allowed to continue back to transition and do the run. I began the run and realized I had cut my toe changing my tire. Didn’t feel it on the bike, but couldn’t run very well. On mile 2 my left hamstring cramped up really badly because I missed my nutrition/hydration on the bike. I had some powdered salt stick, but I dropped it and dumped most of it. Told myself to run one lap and if I wanted to quit I could. I felt good so I continued. The run sucked. They should have called it a trail run. Running over loose rocks, limestone, grass, and constantly dodging puddles. My run shoes are slipper-like with thin soles. Well everyone around me with those type of shoes were complaining how much their feet hurt. Had more cramping on the second lap. Only had one more lick of salt stick powder. Made sure I ate some bananas. At mile 11.5 I stepped on a rock that I felt at the top of my head. Had to walk a little. At mile 12 I tripped on something in the grass and landed flat on my back. Again. Didn’t get hurt. Was glad to finish, thanked all the volunteers, and smiled for all my pics, but man did that suck. I’m pretty disappointed, but I didn’t give up.


In November I got a severe sinus infection. My new coach, a physician assistant, told me something was wrong with my immune system.  I decided I had enough. It was time to really get to the bottom of my ails. I was sure I wasn’t seriously ill. Something just off. So off to doctor after doctor followed by nutritionist and there I was feeling much better.

Enter 2016. Plans include an Olympic race in Orlando in June and October with a few sprint races in between.

But I’m jinxed. In February while riding a  full out fast as I can go  15 mile bike test something happened to my bike. Still not 100% sure what happened, but you guessed it. Big time wreck. Ended up with a concussion and lots of road rash. The road rash has healed, but the concussion lingers on for what feels like forever.


I have already missed one sprint race. Hoping my next post will be a race report from my first Olympic distance race in June. Until then stay well all.

Happy Easter.


Year in Review


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I know it has been a while since I posted to this blog. That is because my season went sideways in September.

I trained all summer in the Miami 100 degree feeling heat only to be sidelined with a severe asthma attack that sent me to the emergency room at the beginning of September. I was out for a jog and it hit me so hard I immediately took myself to the hospital. Three months and several different medicines and doses later I am back in the Duathlon groove.

It is now the out-season. I consider the duathlon year to be in-season, off season, and out-season. The off season is just that, time off. Time to eat whatever I want and mentally and physically recover from training. About two weeks. The out-season is time to get back to work with high intensity, low volume workouts.

I have joined Tridot coaching. They are an offshoot of Tri4Him, the triathlon training group with whom I race. So far the training has been fairly light, which is really what I need to recover from the asthma. I find I still have periods where I have difficulty breathing, especially on high intensity longer runs.

I have a half-iron Du on the calendar at the end of May and the beginning of September.  I also have a couple of 5Ks on the calendar for February and a Sprint Du in April. That is as full as my calendar is right now. I’m sure I will add in a few other sprint Dus during the summer.

My work schedule will be busy these next 2 months with an extra online teaching class, 3 on campus classes and starting up my new business Stretch Zone, which I am hoping will be huge success. Lots of potential there. Lots of work too, especially on weekends. I am an odd multisportster in that I do not like long workouts on the weekends. I much prefer them during the week on a day off.  That fits in well with my new schedule.

Wishing every one a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Good luck in the new training year.

Death and Moving On

Well it’s been an up and down couple of months. In April my aunt suddenly got sick and passed away fairly shortly after. Quite a shock to say the least. I was quite broken up about it. The anxiety was killing me. I really didn’t train much during those few weeks. Then the aprtment clean up was just a nightmare. She didn’t make it easy. But she lived on her terms and she died on her terms.

So you move on. I started training much more consistently after this period of time. My  next race was coming up June 8th. About ten days before the race they announced the bike course was changed to include this bridge climb that is one of the highest points in Florida. Florida being flatland and all. Now I know many people train on this bridge, but it is so difficult for me that it causes me great pain to try so I don’t.

On to race day and I decide to run the race and attempt the bridge. The run course is basically trail running on sand. Where in Miami do you trail run? Nowhere. So needless to say race day sucked big time.  I’m in a lot of pain, but hey it won’t kill me so it can F*** off. I’ve decided my body just can’t take that course so I will move to new locations for racing. Inconvenient, but better for me overall.

I continue toward my goal races of Powerman Florida in September and Half Iron Du in November. I’m on track with my training plan as the past couple of months were preseason or outseason, whatever you want to call it. Keep the faith and be positive people. It’s all I’ve got.

February Racing and Training


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On February 2nd I ran the Miami Marathon. That’s about all I can say. It was such a horribly run event. I didn’t post right after the race because I was so upset. Let me explain my experience. I got to the race later than I had planned because of transportation issues. I was unable to get to my corral because the streets were closed for blocks in every direction. A volunteer told to stand in a corner and wait until my group came forward. When my G corral was called I mainly saw every other subsequent letter but very few G runners. Obviously lots of other people couldn’t get where they were supposed to be either.

The race began ok. My strategy was to run very slowly until mile 7 and then pick up one minute per mile for the next 3 miles and then pick up another minute per mile for the last 3 miles. I was right on target until mile 9 when they ran out of water until mile 12. The hot and humid day made me almost pass out. I was upset. Then I got to the finish and they ran out of finisher’s medals. They were actually handing out broken medals. I was pretty appalled. I have never seen that in my entire life. It made Miami look like a banana republic, not the “Miami Famous” they tout as their slogan. Miami Infamous is more like it. Needless to say I will never run that race again.

On to my race today. It was a small 5k called Race Through the Meadow. It was a cool day today so I was hoping for a good run. I had trained to peak two weeks ago, so I knew it wouldn’t a great race, but I felt good. I finished 45 seconds better than last year. I’ll take that. I had fun and that’s what it’s all about.

I begin my duathlon season training on Monday. I chose an Endurance Nation Half Ironman plan with what they call an outseason plan. It is basically a base training plan with a funky name. It’s high intensity interval training. I’m looking forward to it. Hoping I can get faster. I’ll keep you informed.

How a Duathlete Was Born


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Welcome to my blog.

A little bit about myself: I’ve been running since I was a child. I was a sprinter in high school. At the age of 35 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I could go to work for 2 hours a day and pretty much spent the rest of my life in bed. After 8 years I was able to begin running again. I was still not healthy. My immune system was pretty bad. In 2009 I found an amazing nutritionist who got my diet and, subsequently, me in good condition. I felt competitive again. I wanted more of a challenge then the 5Ks I was running gave me. I felt like I was alive again and wanted to test myself. I knew triathlon was a growing sport and thought I would give it a try.

In 2012 I decided to attempt a duathlon as I was not a swimmer. Swimming gave me severe headaches to the point I would want to run away from the pool. I found a free 2 month Sprint Duathlon training plan that was extremely generic. I completed the race. I have never DNFed a race. It was an experience. Not necessarily a good one. I cramped up and had to walk most of the 5k. I decided to hire a coach. He was good, but expensive. I began self coaching in 2013.

I got Total Immersion swim lessons and attempted my first Sprint triathlon in April 2013. My severe equilibrium problems (and nearly being drowned) turned me off to swimming. I am just not a swimmer. A duathlete was born. I ran three Sprint duathlons in 2013. I earned one first place, one second place in my age division and one third place overall. Pretty good for a beginner.

In 2014 I have planned a half marathon (my first), a couple of 5Ks, three Sprint duathlons, Powerman Florida, and Miami Man half-iron duathlon.

I’m nervous and excited. Thank you for joining me on my journey.