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I know it has been a while since I posted to this blog. That is because my season went sideways in September.

I trained all summer in the Miami 100 degree feeling heat only to be sidelined with a severe asthma attack that sent me to the emergency room at the beginning of September. I was out for a jog and it hit me so hard I immediately took myself to the hospital. Three months and several different medicines and doses later I am back in the Duathlon groove.

It is now the out-season. I consider the duathlon year to be in-season, off season, and out-season. The off season is just that, time off. Time to eat whatever I want and mentally and physically recover from training. About two weeks. The out-season is time to get back to work with high intensity, low volume workouts.

I have joined Tridot coaching. They are an offshoot of Tri4Him, the triathlon training group with whom I race. So far the training has been fairly light, which is really what I need to recover from the asthma. I find I still have periods where I have difficulty breathing, especially on high intensity longer runs.

I have a half-iron Du on the calendar at the end of May and the beginning of September.  I also have a couple of 5Ks on the calendar for February and a Sprint Du in April. That is as full as my calendar is right now. I’m sure I will add in a few other sprint Dus during the summer.

My work schedule will be busy these next 2 months with an extra online teaching class, 3 on campus classes and starting up my new business Stretch Zone, which I am hoping will be huge success. Lots of potential there. Lots of work too, especially on weekends. I am an odd multisportster in that I do not like long workouts on the weekends. I much prefer them during the week on a day off.  That fits in well with my new schedule.

Wishing every one a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Good luck in the new training year.