Well it’s been an up and down couple of months. In April my aunt suddenly got sick and passed away fairly shortly after. Quite a shock to say the least. I was quite broken up about it. The anxiety was killing me. I really didn’t train much during those few weeks. Then the aprtment clean up was just a nightmare. She didn’t make it easy. But she lived on her terms and she died on her terms.

So you move on. I started training much more consistently after this period of time. My  next race was coming up June 8th. About ten days before the race they announced the bike course was changed to include this bridge climb that is one of the highest points in Florida. Florida being flatland and all. Now I know many people train on this bridge, but it is so difficult for me that it causes me great pain to try so I don’t.

On to race day and I decide to run the race and attempt the bridge. The run course is basically trail running on sand. Where in Miami do you trail run? Nowhere. So needless to say race day sucked big time.  I’m in a lot of pain, but hey it won’t kill me so it can F*** off. I’ve decided my body just can’t take that course so I will move to new locations for racing. Inconvenient, but better for me overall.

I continue toward my goal races of Powerman Florida in September and Half Iron Du in November. I’m on track with my training plan as the past couple of months were preseason or outseason, whatever you want to call it. Keep the faith and be positive people. It’s all I’ve got.