Entered 2015 with high hopes of Half Iron duathlons in May and November. In April I got food poisoning and was hospitalized for 4 days. May duathlon was out the window.  I never really fully recovered and had sinus infection after sinus infection. In October I got shingles. I did, however, manage to run the November Half Iron du. Here is my race report:

Race report. Read it and weep. Or laugh. Your choice.

Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. I ran the first mile of the duathlon and near the end it began to rain. I mean deluge. I missed a sign and overran the transition entry. Ran about 50 yards too far. Then I put on my bike helmet and headed out to bike exit and realized I forgot to change my shoes. I blame that on not racing too much this season. I had my transition set up at my back wheel and it should have been by my front wheel. Then heading out to bike. There were a lot of tree roots they covered up with mats. I couldn’t see the roots and tripped an fell over one. Didn’t get hurt. Out to bike. At mile 19 I got a flat. Couldn’t get air into the new tube. Tried 5 CO2 cartridges. Started walking and about half a mile down the road was a cop that called sag for me. Had to wait for them. It took 50 minutes to fix. I planned on stopping at the aid station on my third pass. I passed the second time and continued on to take my second lap and was stopped. I missed the cut off for lap 2 by 10 minutes. I got DQed. But I was allowed to continue back to transition and do the run. I began the run and realized I had cut my toe changing my tire. Didn’t feel it on the bike, but couldn’t run very well. On mile 2 my left hamstring cramped up really badly because I missed my nutrition/hydration on the bike. I had some powdered salt stick, but I dropped it and dumped most of it. Told myself to run one lap and if I wanted to quit I could. I felt good so I continued. The run sucked. They should have called it a trail run. Running over loose rocks, limestone, grass, and constantly dodging puddles. My run shoes are slipper-like with thin soles. Well everyone around me with those type of shoes were complaining how much their feet hurt. Had more cramping on the second lap. Only had one more lick of salt stick powder. Made sure I ate some bananas. At mile 11.5 I stepped on a rock that I felt at the top of my head. Had to walk a little. At mile 12 I tripped on something in the grass and landed flat on my back. Again. Didn’t get hurt. Was glad to finish, thanked all the volunteers, and smiled for all my pics, but man did that suck. I’m pretty disappointed, but I didn’t give up.


In November I got a severe sinus infection. My new coach, a physician assistant, told me something was wrong with my immune system.  I decided I had enough. It was time to really get to the bottom of my ails. I was sure I wasn’t seriously ill. Something just off. So off to doctor after doctor followed by nutritionist and there I was feeling much better.

Enter 2016. Plans include an Olympic race in Orlando in June and October with a few sprint races in between.

But I’m jinxed. In February while riding a  full out fast as I can go  15 mile bike test something happened to my bike. Still not 100% sure what happened, but you guessed it. Big time wreck. Ended up with a concussion and lots of road rash. The road rash has healed, but the concussion lingers on for what feels like forever.


I have already missed one sprint race. Hoping my next post will be a race report from my first Olympic distance race in June. Until then stay well all.

Happy Easter.